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Thank You

This Election has ended, but my fight for a better and brighter Washington, DC has just begun!

Washington, DC voters went to the polls to elect a new mayor, new members to the DC Council, and decide whether marijuana possession would be legalized. Votes were counted, and the District has spoken.

I am grateful for the support I received, and the diversity of my supporters. I ran in all eight wards, got to know thousands of DC residents in every part of this District. As it comes to a close – for this time - I want to thank my family, friends, supporters and a dedicated staff for their belief in me. Though the election is over, my work with the residents of the District will continue.

During this campaign, I have had the pleasure of meeting numerous DC residents who are committed to a brighter more inclusive future for this city. A future that sees the mayor and DC council committed to the support and growth of small businesses and the jobs they will provide to District residents. A future where city officials, education administrators and advocates, parents and teachers dedicate themselves to creating a comprehensive education plan that is inclusive of every ward. A future that finds us committed to strengthening the heart of our city – our vibrant and diverse neighborhoods that make the District a community. I look forward to continuing the conversation about the District’s future with you – a future that offers hope and promise to every little boy and girl, economic security for working families, retirement security for our elders and a city government that is working for us all.

I offer my congratulations to our new mayor and DC Council members and look forward as a resident, advocate and small business owner to help them tackle the pressing issues our city faces.



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